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Dust on the dial of a new watch?

This is a normal phenomenon. With such a sophisticated mechanical device as a watch, it is inevitable to have it during assembly. Moreover, some dust may also get in during the wearing process, and sometimes it is tough to prevent, so it needs to be cleaned regularly.

What is the reason for the rust spots on the all-steel strap?

Stainless steel is composed of nickel and chromium elements, which do not like the invasion of acidic and alkaline substances. In wearing an all-steel watch, because sweat contains hydrochloric acid, with long-term wear, the watch strap is prone to rust, and even some black stains appear inexplicably. Cosmetics, chemicals, disinfectants, and other items containing acid and alkali will also cause rust spots or fading of the watch if they come into contact with the all-steel strap for a long time. When rust spots appear, it is recommended that you go to a professional repair center for cleaning with an ultrasonic instrument.

Is the mirror scratch-resistant?

Available friction is no problem, but some artificial silicon carbide compounds can also have a hardness of 9, and the same level will leave scratches on the mirror surface. Such as artificial marble, minerals, and some artificial equipment such as silicon-carbon-added metals.
Another point is that although the hardness of the mirror surface is hard enough if you tap hard with a blade or sharp metal, it can also leave scratches on the mirror surface. Although the hardness of these blades and metal is not high, it can hurt enough with a certain amount of strength, just like water drops through a stone.